Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Bestest Mom

Yeah, yeah I know this is a little late, but I feel that it is never late to express the way your mom has impacted your life.

What does the word Mom mean?
A Mom is God fearing. She is loving. Gives a shoulder to cry on. Is caring. Looks for ways to teach. Always supportive. Enjoys late night talks. Jumps at the opportunity to go shopping. Submissive. Servant. Laughs at your not silly jokes.

When I was younger, mom ran me everywhere. I still don't know how she went to every game or practice when all of us kids had 2 or 3 sports going on at the same time. She never wanted to miss a thing. Even if we said, "Mom its okay, its just....". Not to my mom! There were times she had to ask one of our friends mom to take us because she just couldn't do it. That would happen only followed by an apology or an I'll do it next time. Never did she think about how tired she was running us around absolutely EVERYWHERE. Oh.... did she like the day I could drive by myself. I don't think that solved a whole lot because mom still went to all games. It is hard for me to remember a game mom didn't make. Tournaments were always a must with mom.

I won't say that mom and I always go along. We had our moments, but what teenage girl gets along with her mom ALL the time. Think it is fair to say going off to college is the best scary thing that happen to me. Pretty sure once my parents left that first Sunday of pre-season I felt the most uncomfortable I've felt in a very long time. Even though it is my dad I say I am like the most, it is my mom that provides the comfort moms always give. I called every day, most of the time 2 times a day. Fair to say, I did that up until I graduated from college.

I got married almost a year ago, but what does my mom have me do each and every time I drive from the city to Springdale, call her to make sure I made it home safely. Only does a mother not loose her characteristic of compassion, support and love.

Dustin and I surprised my mom last weekend. It was great! She had asked me several times throughout the week if we were going to get to come home. Unfortunately or fortunately I had a soccer state playoff game Friday night at 6:00. I kept telling her that because the game wouldn't get over until 8:00ish, we wouldn't be able to make it home. Unknown to her, I had talked to my Dad and sister about coming home. We didn't get into town until 12:30, so she was already asleep. The next morning, my mom say Dustin walking up the stairs. She was so confused. She walked into the room, I was just starting to wake up, with a BIG smile on her face. That is the exact reason I wanted to keep it a surprise. My mom loves family! She loves when we can all be together and I just know that she hates it that Dustin and I live in Edmond. No worries... she makes it over here from time to time to see us! Helps that Corey goes to school over here and Marisa is on her way here in a year.

Mom, you are the the best mom! It is by your example that I am who I am today. I hope that I am half the mom you are to Corey, Marisa and me. I love you very much!

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