Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For the love of the game....

Wow, the last 3 weeks have been wonderful. There is nothing like waking up to the game you grew up loving. Daily, I would wake up between 8:30 and 9:00 just in time to begin watching the second match of the day. It would become a ritual. Something that just comes around every 4 years becomes something you schedule your day around. This is exactly what I would do when it came to watching the World Cup. To put yourself in the shoes of those who were on the pitch.... only to imagine the tough road it took for those players to get the experience or obligation to represent their country. Discipline in their actions. Dedication to succeed. Responsibility to their teammates. Love for the game. Desire to never quit. If I only tried to carry myself in that demeanor on the field when I was playing. How much of a better player/teammate I could have been.

These last 3 weeks have made me more aware of the way I miss being on the field and experiencing those same feelings. Focus. Anxiousness. Soreness. Success. Defeat. Sweat. Teamwork. Togetherness. Although the playing has come and gone, the love for the game will never leave. That feeling when a player scores the winning goal or stops the other team from scoring. That understanding will forever be apart of my life. Standing up in the middle of my house (with no one home) and cheering for the team that came from behind to tie the game at the end of regulation or being heart broken at the sight of the players exhausted and worn out after a game because they left everything out on the field which only resulted in defeat will always live close to me.

Until the next game....

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